Fort Wayne Council #4 Cryptic Masons 
Current Officers

Council #4
Illustrious Master Jason Miller
Deputy Master Dathan Reed
Principal Conductor of Work Frank Reiter
Treasurer David Ulrich
Recorder James Coleman
Captain of the Guard Paul Walter
Conductor of the Council Jeff Woodward
Steward Greg Colelli
Chaplain Wayne Ithier
Sentinel David Miller
Trustees Ed Snyder
Paul Martin
John Tuttle

Past Illustrious Masters

1963 Clayton Herrick   1981 Daniel Dale   1999 F Martin Donahue
1964 Carter Palmer   1982 Raymond Sipe   2000 John F Tuttle
1965 James P Johnston   1983 Karl Reid   2001 John F Tuttle
1966 James P Johnston   1984 Gerald V R Walker   2002 Gregory Paton
1967 Fredrick Rouff   1985 Vonn G Hoffman   2003 David Hill
1968 Laurence J Miller   1986 Albert C Winkler   2004 James B Coleman
1969 Bernard K Smith   1987 Adolph Sklenar   2005 Harold Black
1970 Phillip McCague   1988 Jack F Stark   2006 Terry Webb
1971 James S DeMond   1989 Bob F Jesse Jr   2007 John A Bleich Sr
1972 Louis J Koch Jr   1990 Henry E LaHurreau   2008 John A Bleich Sr
1973 Roger Shafer   1991 Richard A Kroemer   2009 Clay Stahlka
1974 Donald K Smith   1992 John F Tuttle   2010 Kurt Begue
1975 John A Inches   1993 Oliver W Stepp Jr   2011 Rick Carroll
1976 Robert Whyte   1994 John A Bleich Sr   2012 Mark Goebel
1977 William M Roberts   1995 Norbert Parrott   2013 David Pass
1978 Francis Studdler   1996 David R Ulrich   2014 Tyson Howenstine
1979 Albert C Winkler   1997 Robert E Faulkner   2015 Mike Doxsee
1980 George Deimond   1998 Robert E Davis   2016 John Coleman



The Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation (CMMRF) was incorporated in the state of Oklahoma, March 6, 1986. The driving force behind the new corporation was General Grand Master Ben Mandlebaum, of the General Grand Council International.The Foundation funds research at ICVBM, which is located at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Because all blood vessels are very important in maintaining the health or in repairing almost all tissues, nearly all diseases turn out to have a vascular component involved in their origin or in tissue repair. Diabetes, stroke, poor leg circulation, difficult wound healing and many more diseases share a common denominator, blood vessels! Centering our contributions to an organi zation that helps so many different heal th concerns around the world allows our contributors to share in the medical advancements, regardless of their state or country. Through this research, we hope the causes and eventually a cure will be found for Diabetes and many other vascular related diseases.

CMMRF has grown exponentially over the years. Prior to restructuring the foundation in 1986, the former foundation had given $96,000.00 to the Medical Center for research. CMMRF has now given the I.U. School of Medicine $2,524,000.00. We feel that is an excellent record and we are proud of it.

Sometime in 2001-2002 our Lab became a Center of Vascular Biology and Medicine (not just Atherosclerosis). After a 3-year search for just the right person for this "Chair", Dr. Keith March was selected.

Our commitment to support research conducted at the ICVBM will translate into cures and treatments for almost all diseases! We urge you to consider partnering wi th the CMMRF mission to save lives and improve the quality of life.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Foundation. We could not achieve our goals wi thout your help.

Fraternally and sincerely, 
Marion K. Crum Marion K. Crum, 
PMIGM Executive Secretary

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