Fort Wayne Commandery #4 Knights Templar

Past Eminent Commanders

1958 Donald K Thrasher   1981 Raymond Sipe   2004 James S De Mond
1959 James P Johnston   1982 Richard Swinehart   2005 Harold Black
1960 Schuble Boggs   1983 Karl Reid Jr   2006 James Coleman
1961 Maynard Cope   1984 Gerald V R Walker   2007 James Coleman
1962 Jack Walker   1985 Vonn G Hoffman   2008 William Hosler / Harold Black
1963 Philip McCague   1986 Albert Winkler   2009 Clay Stalka
1964 Roger Shafer   1987 Clayton Herrick   2010 Kurt A Begue
1965 Ivan Planck   1988 Bob Jesse Jr   2011 Rick Carroll
1966 Myran Millhorn   1989 Jack F Stark   2012 Tyson Howenstine
1967 Louis Koch Jr   1990 Henry LaHurreau   2013 Edward Fodrea
1968 Bernard Smith   1991 Richard Kroemer   2014 William Pond
1969 Richard Peden   1992 John F Tuttle   2015 John Coleman
1970 Donald Smith   1993 Oliver W Stepp Jr   2016 Mike Doxsee
1971 Francis Studler   1994 Norbert O Parrott   2017 Mark R Goebel
1972 Albert Ungerer   1995 David Ulrich   2018 Jason Miller
1973 Frederick Ruoff   1996 Robert Faulkner   2019 Paul Walter
1974 John Inches   1997 Richard Kroemer   2020 Dathan Reed
1975 George Deimond   1998 John F Tuttle   2021 Jan Henline
1976 Reynolds Wade   1999 Robert Davis   2022 Russell Greim
1977 John Gould   2000 John D Myers   2023 --
1978 John A Bleich Sr   2001 F Martin Donahue   2024 --
1979 Robert Whyte   2002 Dwight E Lanman Jr   2025 --
1980 James Farrar   2003 Terry Webb   2026 --

Past Honorary Commanders

2009 Wayne Ithier
2010 Edward Snyder


Knights Templar Eye Foundation

As a Knight Templar, one has many opportunities to help others who are less fortunate.  One way is through the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.  The Eye Foundation is a Great Humanitarian Charity whose purpose is to provide research, surgical treatment and hospitalization to those who suffer from diseases or injury to the eyes.

Concern For Others

Since its inception, the Knights Templar Eye Foundation has spent more than $35 million dollars to help provide medical treatment for those unable to afford it.  Today, over 44,000 people have directly benefited from this financial assistance.  And as always, treatments are provided regardless of race, color, creed, age, or national origin.

Research grants, totaling over $2.5 million dollars, have been made to institutions working in the field of Eye Research.  Informative films are also available through local Commanderies for presentation to churches, PTA meetings and other interested organizations.  To its end, the Knights Templar, through the efforts of its members, is committed to "Helping Others To See."

Holy Lands Pilgrimage Program

The Grand Commandery of Indiana, in conjunction with the Grand Encampment of the United States of America, sends Christian Ministers to visit the Holy Lands. There they get to walk were Jesus walked while on Earth and visit sites mentioned in the Bible. Pictured below  is Sir Knight R. Frank Williams, Past Grand Commander of Indiana, (lower right) and one of the groups of Ministers while on their Pilgrimage.

All of the Pilgrim Ministers are recommended for the trip by a local Commandery of Knights Templar and have an established ministry. In many cases, the local Commandery will even pay for the Ministers trip. Further funding comes from the Grand Commandery itself. In all cases, the Minister does not have to pay for anything except incidentals.

Grand Encampment is planning a trip in 2011. We ask you to pray for our program and for peace.


Knights Templar Educational Foundation


"...Freedom can only exist in an Educated Society..."


How the Foundation Began

In 1922, the Grand Encampment launched the Knights Templar Educational Foundation with these words: "We feel the Grand Encampment can build no greater monument than to put into effect a plan which will provide educational advantages for the youth of our beloved Country, thereby enabling them to become more useful members of society and better citizens of this Republic."

The Foundation was sustained and perpetuated by each Sir Knight paying annually the sum of $1.00 for a period of nine years beginning July 1, 1924.  Half of the assessment was placed in the Fund for direct investment and the other half was made immediately available for student loans by allocation to the individual Divisions on the basis of their original capitalization-the 1922 membership.


How It Operates

The Educational Foundation is a Trust Fund administered by the Committee on the Educational Foundation of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar.  The national Committee supervises the loan activity among the 50 Divisions (Grand or subordinate Commanderies) which administer the funds and process loan applications.  By regulation, the Grand Recorder of the Grand Commandery is the Division's Secretary-Treasurer.

The Foundation, recognizing the need for education is essential, provides financial assistance for vocational, technical or professional training and for undergraduate (last two years) and post-graduate study in accordance with the policies conforming to the Regulations and Standard Practice of the Foundation.


The Knights Templar Education Foundations (one in each state) are autonomous in each state.  Each state has different rules and decision processes to award loans or scholarships. In Indiana, up to the year 2007, we helped needy students by providing loans up to $3,000 for each of their junior and senior years, with a maximum of $6,000.  These loans were at 5% interest and required repayment on a regular monthly basis beginning 6 months after graduation.


In 2007, Indiana Templar Education Foundation changed its loan process to a scholarship process by awarding one scholarship in the amount of $10,000 for one school year.  The scholarship was awarded to a master’s student studying for the Divinity. These scholarships will continue to be granted on an annual basis as funds are available. The scholarships are awarded to a university, in our name, located in Indianaand the school departments will determine who best qualifies for the scholarship.

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